Presentation Guide



Oral Presentation Guideline:

8Presentation time is critical; each paper is allocated 15 minutes for lecture sessions, including time for questions, session chair introductions, and any set up that is not completed in advance. We recommend that presentation of your slides should take about 12 minutes, leaving 3 minutes for introduction by the session chair and questions from the audience.

8To achieve appropriate timing, organize your slides or viewgraphs around the points you intend to make, using no more than one slide per minute. A reasonable strategy is to allocate about 2 minutes per slide when there are equations or important key points to make, and one minute per slide when the content is less complex.

8Slides attract and hold attention, and reinforce what you say - provided you keep them simple and easy to read. Plan on covering at most 6 points per slide, covered by 6 to 12 spoken sentences and no more than about two spoken minutes.

8Be prepared to begin your presentation as soon as the prior presenter has finished; it is important to keep on schedule. You should meet with your session chair during the break immediately prior to your session. Meet inside or near the door of the presentation room. If the room is not being used, this will give you a chance to test any presentation equipment you will be using. Copying your files to the computer before the session will also save you some time during your presentation.



1. The presentation computer has ONLY a USB port. There is no CD-ROM or other disc drive.

2. Make sure each of your key points is easy to explain with aid of the material on your slides. Do not read directly from the slide during your presentation. You shouldn't need to prepare a written speech, although it is often a good idea to prepare the opening and closing sentences in advance.


Equipment provided:

8All lecture rooms will be equipped with a computer, a video projector.

8Each computer will have a USB port as well as PowerPoint and Acrobat Reader software. There will be no other equipment available.


Poster Presentation Guideline:

8Posters must be in the “Portrait” orientation (not “Landscape”). 

8Maximum poster size is A1 : 80 cm (height) x 60 cm (width). 

8Mounting materials appropriate for the boards (velcro tape or pins, etc.) will be provided.